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Travel with a Cause/Mission Trips

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in taking part in a life-changing journey. We invite you to see firsthand the despair, hope and joy that exist, and to experience how your gift of presence can impact lives in various parts of Zambia and Southern Africa.

Come and share the love of Christ with the needy and under privileged. Step outside your comfort zone into God's comfort zone. Please join us for this very unique and blessed opportunity.

Dont Just travel the world change it!!

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All of our trips are carefully coordinated and conducted by an experienced tour leader and, where necessary, a translator. You will see firsthand the heartbreaking conditions in which many of God’s children live, and then visit the various programs supported by Dominion Travel & Tours – Travel with A Cause Unit; from schools, orphanages, clinics and hospices to the hungry being fed at our feeding programs.

Meet the dedicated Team of volunteers, see the deep faith of people who rely upon the Lord’s mercy, and your heart will be touched when you hug an orphan child or share a poor family’s excitement at having a real home for the very first time.

You’ll see how your generous donations can make a real difference in the lives of the poor and why Travel with A Cause is so important to the communities and families. You will definitely find a deeper understanding of God’s grace as come face-to-face with poverty in developing countries such as Zambia.

Contact us and tell us where you would like to participate and which part of Zambia or Southern Africa you would like to visit.