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Life changing travel opportunities await you! You are invited to see firsthand the struggle, the hope and the joy that exists in Zambia. You will experience how your gift of presence can impact the lives of people in various parts of Zambia, and you can choose to add any vacation destination in Zambia, or beyond, to your journey through Dominion Travel and Tours Ltd.

Travel with a Cause! can provide you with a taste of life in Zambia, ideal for the seasoned traveller or for the first time traveller to Zambia. You can decide from our choices of Package Itineraries and we will fashion your choice with our expertise and knowledge. Zambia is a country of wonders to experience, and you will have the time to discover such during your visit. On Our Tours…

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At Travel with a Cause! we pride ourselves in supporting worthy causes throughout Zambia. The charitable contribution included in the price you pay for your holiday will provide vital funding for a number of causes, but we recognize that preference exists when it comes to making donations. In response to this, we have drawn a list of worthy causes from which you the traveller can opt to donate a portion of your contribution. Let us know where you would like to participate:

  •  Feed a Child for a Year
  •  Water Pump / Borehole
  •  Build a House with Sanitation
  •  Orphan Education Sponsorship
  •  Clothes and Shoes
  •  Blankets
  •  Medical Aid

Should you consider an ongoing contribution to your chosen cause for after you have returned home we can help you make that arrangement.

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You will see how your generous donation can make a real difference in the lives of the poor and discover why Travel with a Cause! is working with charitable causes.
You will learn a deeper understanding of God’s grace as you witness the poverty and desperation of a developing country, and celebrate the hope of the people of Zambia in faith and worship.
You will witness for yourself the heartbreaking conditions in which many of God’s children live, and you will discover the side of Zambia that makes it a popular tourist destination.

All of our trips are carefully coordinated and conducted by an experienced tour leader and, where necessary, a translator.