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Ngonye or Sioma Falls is near the Sioma Ngwezi National Park in the western province of Zambia. The falls is on Zambezi River and is a 12 meter drop creating a beautiful falls. The Ngonye Falls is the second largest waterfall on the Zambezi River.

Stretching across a distance of about 1 kilometer and standing at 12 meters high; Ngonye is not as grand as the Victoria Falls further down along the Zambezi, but it certainly lacks none of the bells and whistles that make the latter such a great tourist magnet, the sheer power and intensity of the waters of the Zambezi.


Ngonye is one of the few ‘horseshoe’ waterfalls in Zambia. The Zambezi River at some point in its journey, diverts into an underground tunnel beneath the rocks that lie on either side of the Ngonye Falls and you can literally feel the vibration from the river through the soles of shoes as it gushes and splashes beneath.

Where to stay:

There are a number of lodges dotted along the Zambezi River but the notable ones are: