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North Luangwa National Park is situated in the northern part of the Luangwa valley, in Mpika district of the Muchinga Province of Zambia.

The size of the Park is 4,636 km2 lying between latitude 1125” South to 1220” South and Longitude 3145” East to 3240” East.

The Park is part of the larger Luangwa valley ecosystem in a catchment area covering 144,000 km2, with a great deal of contrasting attributes that include the Muchinga escarpment, Luangwa valley, vegetation complexes and Luangwa River.

It is accessible throughout the year by both air and road. The approximate distance to the nearest town, Mpika, which links visitors to the countries in the eastern and southern Africa, is 110 km.

North Luangwa National Park offers a lot of opportunities for tourism growth. The park is serviced by three airfields, which are strategically located for the convenience of both visitors and management staff.

North Luangwa National Park - Home of the Big Five!:

What to see

The high concentration of large mammals such as Buffalo, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Zebra and Lion are the major attraction in North Luangwa national Park including the Black Rhino.

The Luangwa River has as abundant aquatic species such as crocodiles, Hippos, water birds and other fresh water animals.

The plateau and the mosaic of vegetation types from the river floodplains to the top of the escarpment, provide an added scenic attraction unique to the North Luangwa National Park.

North Luangwa National Park is the only Park in Zambia with the ‘Big five’. Above all North Luangwa National Park is renowned for walking safaris.

A walking safari expedition in North Luangwa is just the best African experience one cannot afford to miss!

Park Access

Access to North Luangwa National Park is by road Mpika town, and through a gravel road to the Park, or through the south gate from South Luangwa National Park.

Chartered Light aircrafts can also land at Lubonga airstrip in the centre of the Park.